noodles measuring Devices

Clamp the work above and below the measuring part and measure the thickness of the work with the laser sensor. It was developed for measuring raw noodles, but you can measure anything that is rod shaped.


Since the measuring part is rotatable, it is possible to measure in any direction of 360 °. (The upper and lower clamping parts rotate in conjunction.)

Since it is equipped with a 90 ° rotation restriction stopper, it can measure the vertical and horizontal directions of a square workpiece.

We can measure work with thickness up to 10 mm.

Dimension information



Power source100V 50Hz or 60Hz
表示範囲(要英訳)-99.999~99.999、-99.99~99.99、-99.9~99.9、-99~99 (切換可能)
表示分解能(要英訳)1μm、10μm、100μm、1000μm (切換可能)
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