Privacy policy

The Kanto Electronic Web site is managed as a service to customers. When a customer uses this website, some pages may ask for customer’s personal information (questionnaire, inquiries, etc.). Information to be asked is necessary when providing Kanto Electric’s products / support, such as customer’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address, and when providing information on products / support etc. The personal information of the customer will be the main thing. In addition, we may ask other information for the purpose of improving the convenience of our customers etc. However, except for the minimum necessary items, it becomes possible for customers to select themselves It is something you can offer at your discretion. In addition, Kanto Electric will not alter the information you ask without your consent.

Please be forewarned that depending on the type of service on this website you may notify third parties of the information you visited. (For example, this is the case when notifying the customer’s name and address to a company entrusted with services such as delivery)

Kanto Electric will take necessary measures to the extent reasonable to protect the privacy of visitors who visited this website.

Kanto electronics may revise the above policy. In that case all revisions will be posted on this website.

Warranty and liability limit

The use of the website of Kanto Electric is made at the customer’s responsibility. Kanto Electric makes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various information acquired from this website and other websites where links are set on this website.

Governing law

The Kanto electronic website is under the control of Kanto Denshi. Although this site can be accessed from all countries of the world with different laws, both customers who accessed this site and Kanto Electron, regardless of differences in such laws, You agree to be bound by the law of In addition, Kanto Electric will not describe or display on this site, such as whether the content of this site is appropriate in the customer’s environment at all. Access to this site is based on the customer’s free will and the customer is responsible for the use of this site. November 2018
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Free consulting
Please also consult with other companies refused parts.
At Kanto Electric, we are consulting for free consultation as to whether it is possible to develop equipment according to customer's request.