A certain major resin molding manufacturer

Our company manufactures pumps that shampoo and soap foam. We commissioned Kanto Electric to design all of the latest automated lines from the four currently automated lines in operation to installation. We assembled nearly 20 parts completely automat- ically, doubled the speed, and it is a very big force of improvement of our productivity and profitability. In addition, online automatic bottle cap assembling equipment has also achieved great results.

A major electronic component manufacturer

Although we are entrusting Kanto Denshi from parts processing of the equipment designed by our production technology to assembling, electric equipment and adjustment, we have greatly contributed to the smooth start-up of the new line with high degree of equipment completion. We supply parts feeder by Kanto Denshi parts feeder. We are using it with confidence for total support by integrated production from optimization of each part of the drive part to part shape and final adjustment.
KEC feeder
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At Kanto Electric, we are consulting for free consultation as to whether it is possible to develop equipment according to customer's request.