We are offering free consulting to companies considering introduction of parts feeders and spring feeders. Please contact us from the following.

Contact Us

First of all, please let us know what kind of products you want to align and supply. We will determine the specification as to how many pieces we want to discharge per minute, what posture we want to discharge, etc.

Please send the parts

A more clear answer is possible if you can send a confirmation sample.

Free test&estimate

We will also contact you with estimates and delivery dates if you meet your desired specs. We will inform you of the diagnostic result after testing the difficult to judge products.

Paid test & consulting

If you do not meet the required specifications, additional testing is available for a fee. Further consultation is also possible at video conference.
KEC feeder
Free consulting
Please also consult with other companies refused parts.
At Kanto Electric, we are consulting for free consultation as to whether it is possible to develop equipment according to customer's request.