Our original technology, We will realize your ideal automation.

If you are concerned with arranging and supplying small parts, rubber parts and tangled coil springs that are troubled by automation, please contact us. Please also consult about projects refused by other companies.

The visionary parts feeder that each company was amazed is here!

The field of specialty is parts feeder. Spring, extremely thin rubber, micro light weight parts, etc. We also support parts that are difficult to align and discharge.
We can also consult with automated assembly equipment / inspection equipment in cooperation with parts feeder.

Adopting original low vibration method. Highly accurate posture discrimination is possible, so stable alignment and emissions are realized even for rubber products and connectors.

Springs that can not be separated and built by hand can also be ordered and supplied by our unique separation and alignment system. Patented
It is a vacuum detachable parts feeder that can be used in a clean room.

We customize the most suitable automatic assembling device, we will respond to design, manufacture and installation.

Perform measurement, comparison and judgment with high precision in a short time, avoid variations and oversights of acceptance judgment.


IoT connects equipment and network, and realizes optimization and autonomy of production system.

Unique separation and alignment method realizes stable separation and supply even with minute springs

katoro is a brand of feeder manufactured by Kanto Denshi Co., Ltd.

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