Mix Feeder

By applying conventional parts feeder technology, an entirely new mixer was born.
Successfully stirring the vibrations to be conveyed into the stirring force and without touching the objects in the container. It is now possible to stir from one powder to the other with this one.
* Since it differs from the food processor, it can not crush and stir the solid matter.

Conventional mixers were like stirring blades that directly touched the medium and stirred.
However, our MixFeeder can be agitated without touching the medium directly by vibration.
It is hygienic because it does not touch the direct medium, and since it has no rotating part which was an obstacle when washing with the mixer so far, it was possible to clean easily.


As long as the container that can be mounted is circular and has a diameter of up to 130 mm, most of the material can be installed.

Because it can operate with 100V outlet for home use it can be used anywhere.

The stirring power can be freely changed by the volume.

Dimension information



Appearance dimension
Height130 mm (excluding containers)
Diameter102 mm (excluding the handle part)
KEC feeder
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