Bulk Conveyer

This is a movable and inclined type conveyer, adopting belt with crosspiece and equipped with speed control and intermittent action timer.
This is most suited for production plant of various plastic caps and molded parts where the works are fed in small quantity for a long period of time to the crusher of a plastics molding machine.
In order to facilitate the move through the narrow alley, all unnecessary parts were curtailed and the size was minimized to reduce weight.
Even the female worker can move and install this easily. We could also set the price at a reasonable level.
As for the materials for each part, legs and side plates of conveyer are of SS400 with baked finish. Other parts where the products directly get in touch with are made of stainless steel. You can use this conveyer always in the clean state.
We are adopting made-to-order system in which the dimensions such as the height of discharging position, size of hopper, conveyer width, etc., you may use this hopper without need for modifying your existing equipment.


It is compact and lightweight, making it easy for women to move

Customized according to customers, so you can use existing facilities without changing

Dimension information



Power supplySingle phase 200 V, 50/60 Hz
Conveying discharge speedVariable type(MAX4m/4min)
Intermittent timerON/OFF individual setting(0.05〜300sec)
Hopper capacityApproximately 30~200L
WeightApproximately 50~500kg
Conveyer beltBridge pitch approx. 150 mm / Hole height approx. 400 mm
KEC feeder
Free consulting
Please also consult with other companies refused parts.
At Kanto Electric, we are consulting for free consultation as to whether it is possible to develop equipment according to customer's request.